Real Comments From Real Listeners!

Mark from Portsmouth -

"It was refreshing to hear a knowledge-based show where I could relate to the questions and even remember some of the answers! Your relaxed presentation style created a must-listen show, great stuff !"

Mike from Somerset -
"Just a quick message to say how much I enjoy your show...Nice to hear classic tracks on the Radio again!!"

Enzo from Norfolk -
"Excellent show! Didn't want it to end. It's all about the music with Gary. He provides a bit of background on some of the stuff that he plays, which is great. DSOTM is the highlight of my Monday. I really look forward to it".

Josef from Muenster,Germany -
"That Gary Jackson has all the things that made up a fabulous presenter on the pirate radio stations of the 60s, and 70s I liked. He is funny, and his choice of music is spot on. He talks sense, and he keeps in touch with his audience.

Actually - a DJ like that could launch even a small regional radio station to international fame if we wanted it to. My vote certainly goes to GJ - and may many follow in my steps. GJ is a very good host with three wonderful shows. Make him a regular and watch the quotes.."